Dana Holgorsen Continues To Demonstrate That He Is Not Ready For Prime Time!

Attention West Virginia Fans!  Today you will experience severe head scratching, the strong need to bang your head against a wall and the desire to never attend another WVU game….ever.  What I am about to tell you is something that you won’t believe to be true until it actually happens later today.  If you recall, after given an ultimatum by AD Oliver Luck to improve the defense, the boy coach (Dana Holgorsen) fired a coach widely viewed as a rising star, Daron Roberts as Cornerbacks Coach.  Roberts was an excellent recruiter, but the corners were torched on a regular basis, and he was basically learning on the job.   After a lengthy search, and numerous interviews, Holgorsen has found his guy.  And it is…..wait for it……Tony Gibson.  Yes, that Tony Gibson!  Gibson was the much-maligned corner coach under  Rich Rod while at WVU.  Gibson, almost single-handed, ensured that Calvin Johnson was a high draft pick after his Georgia Tech career.  Gibson was always known as an excellent recruiter, but a terrible teacher and coach.  He is the sole reason Rich was fired at Michigan.  But, Gibson is a definite improvement at West Virginia.  WVU finished 122 in the nation in pass defense this past season.  Gibson’s Arizona squad, well they finished 121st.  One has to question where Oliver Luck is in this process?  First, Gibson is a terrible hire based solely on his performance as a coach.  Even more egregious, however, is that Gibson was one of the first assistants to board the plane for Michigan when Rodriguez abruptly left West Virginia.    In fact, he was the only defensive coach to do so. This hire is a slap in the face of every die-hard Mountaineer fan! Holgorsen has demonstrated that he can’t prepare a team for a game (see Pinstripe Bowl), can’t coach during a game(take your pick) and has repeatedly demonstrated that he can’t make proper hires by either hiring cronies, or coaches that can’t coach.  It is time to end the experiment, and admit that a mistake was made in hiring Dana Holgorsen.  My only fear is, given Luck’s track record to this point, that he would bring Rich Rodriguez back!

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